Plan so you don't run out of income before you run out of life



Mark Nowak is licensed by the Florida Department of Financial Services (License #W131821) and focuses on all lines of Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Fixed Indexed Annuities and Long-Term Care Insurance, but NOT Variable Annuities. Full written disclosure of legal ethical considerations are provided.

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Your LIFEPLAN should take into account how Fixed Indexed Annuities can help mitigate or eliminate the risk of running out of life before you run out of income

Let us help you understand how Fixed Indexed Annuities can provide:

  • Tax-deferred growth
  • Guarantee of principal
  • Fixed, competitive interest rates
  • Indexed rates of return that credit your account with a portion of the index upside growth while offering protection against downturns in the market
  • An alternative source for long-term care expenses in the event you cannot qualify for a stand alone long-term care insurance policy