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  ​          LIFE PLANNING is a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to identifying the risks and objectives in your life and recommending and organizing a LIFEPLAN that has legal and financial solutions that can be implemented in a timely and cost-efficient manner and leave you with greater certainty and peace of mind.

            In our experience, individuals have an unsystematic approach to recognizing and understanding their risks and planning their lives.  They have a number of different professionals on whom they rely, but have difficulty implementing the advice they receive.  A lack of coordinated effort often results in costly, inefficient and ineffective choices - or worse, no choices at all! At best, they are left with piles of documents and assets and a feeling of uncertainty as to how it all fits together.

      In their attempt to figure it out, those same individuals are exposed to what can be an overwhelming amount of information from all sources, including the internet.  The access to such information has eroded their perception of the real economic value of legal, accounting and financial services, resulting in such services being viewed as simple commodities.  Clients only want to pay a professional for a specific service, and the professional limits the service to what the client requests, no more no less. However, without a unified approach to risk-assessment and planning, the long-term costs to the individuals may substantially exceed any short-term savings.

            At NOWAK LAW GROUP we will develop for you a personalized written LIFEPLAN that will provide you with INTEGRATED LIFETIME SOLUTIONS to your LIFE PLANNING questions and identified risks.

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